Environment Friendly Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Though 75% of our planet earth is made up of water, the quantity that is usable is a bare minimum. To perform our day-to-day activities, we need water. The water available on the surface is insufficient and we have to rely on the ground water. There is always a scarcity of water that is usable for household and industrial purposes. Because of rapid urbanization, penetration of rain water into the soil has decreased considerably, resulting in a low water table. Water conservation has thus become an essential practice of today.

Rain water harvesting – the best method of water conservation

Rain water harvesting has emerged to be the best method to conserve water. It is a process by which the rain water is collected and stored in a systematic manner for future use. Rain water is mainly collected from different hard surfaces like roof tops at home and stored in a tank that is built either underground or above the ground.

Rain water collecting systems comes in various types and designs. The Ecoheatplumbing Company in UK provides best eco friendly rain water harvesting systems. You can visit the site to know more about the working of such systems.

A rain water harvesting system can be a simple catchment area, like the well in our house, or an underground tank with advanced purification techniques that can harvest a large quantity of water. The basic requirement for collecting rain water is a hard, solid surface from which water can be transferred to a storage tank through pipes and downspouts. The rain water harvesting system consists of a screen that filters debris and roof-top washers that removes the first flush of contaminated water. The filtered water is then stored in a tank made of steel or concrete. These tanks can be placed under or above the ground based on our convenience. The professional plumbing Companies provide solutions to place the tank without affecting the aesthetics of the building.

There are eco friendly harvesting systems that are built underground to collect, store and use rain water. In these systems, the water gets filtered and purified even before entering the storage tank. The water stored in this system is subjected to a constant motion and is well aerated. This prevents growth of bacteria inside the tank. This is an ideal solution for green homes and buildings.

Making use of environment friendly rain water harvesting systems helps to conserve natural water, reducing the need for imported water. With these harvesting techniques, almost 50% of the annual water consumption at homes and buildings can be catered to, with ease.